How do I make a payment?

Pay Through Meezan Bank:

You can email us your order and pay in any of the Online Branches of the Meezan Bank.
Account Title: Navicosoft
Account #: 0215-0100113615
Our Branch: Gulshan-e-Ravi Branch..

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Pay Through United Bank:

You can email us your order and pay in any of the Online Branches of the United Bank Limited.
Account Title: NAVICOSOFT
Branch Code: 353
Account #: 0353-0353-010-6689-1

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Meezan Account for International Wire Transfer:
You can email us your order and pay in any of the Online Branches of the Meezan Bank.
Account Title: Navicosoft 
Account #: 0215-0100113615
Branch Code: 0215
Swift Code: MEZNPKKA
IBAN #: 

Our Branch: Gulshan e Ravi Lahore, Pakistan.

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Make payment to "NAVICOSOFT" and send via mail:
Address:1st Floor, Emporium Center, Street 1, PAF Falcon Complex Gulberg 3, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

We will apply this payment to your account as soon as we receive it, but not earlier.

Credit Card

We accept all four major credit card providers: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Your payment will be automatically deducted every billing cycle (typically every 30 days from the date of purchase). If for some reason your card fails, we will send you an email notifying you to update your credit card on file and pay the past due invoice.



If you pay using PayPal, by default, your payment is a one-time payment and will not be taken automatically every month.


Switching Payment Methods

You are welcome to switch how you pay at any time; there is usually no need to contact Navicosoft. Please follow the instructions for a one-time payment using the new method. If you pay an invoice before we charge your credit card, then we will not charge your card automatically.

If you want to permanently change your payment method, please contact our support team via live chat, telephone.

Past Due Invoices

We allow you ten days to pay any past due invoices. If an invoice is not paid within ten days after we create it, your account will be suspended and a $10.00 late fee will be added. You will have an additional ten days to pay all open invoices before your account may be terminated.

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