It’s a complete management system to manage completely the accounts, payroll and inventory of the audiologists. The system is designed in order to keep log of all the hearing aids’ purchase, sale and management along with the services provided to the clients. The services may include PURE TONE AUDIOMETERY (AC,BC), TYMPANOMETERY,STEPEDIAL REFLEXES,ERA (EVOKED RESPONSE AUDIOMETERY),HEARING AID FITTING,IN THE CANAL H. AIDS,DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE H.AIDS,EARMOLDS (SOFT, SUPER SOFT).
Relational Management System (RMS) is a distributed Windows based Application. It is a complete application that will be covering the branches, Customers, Dealers and Asset Providers of the organization (Software Owner) all over the World. RMS provides Customized functionalities of Inventory, accounts, payroll and generate reports about current stock, Total Buying, sales, Assets, Suppliers, Customers, Dealers, Branches, Services etc.
RMS will keep record of the Organization for:
1- Suppliers (of Products and Assets)
a. Supplier Management
b. Supplier Balance
c. Supplier History
2- Dealers, Customers and Sub Branches
a. Dealer, Customer and Sub Branch Management
b. Dealer, Customer and Sub Branch Balance
c. Dealer, Customer and Sub Branch History
3- Products
a. Product Stock Balance
b. Product Categories and Sub Categories(Multiple Level)
4- Services
a. Services History
b. Service Categories and Sub Categories
5- Purchase
a. Total Purchase from Suppliers
b. Purchase History
6- Sale
a. Total Sale to sub branches
b. Sub Branch Balance
c. Total Sale to Dealers
d. Dealer Balance
e. Total Sales and Services to Customers
f. Customer Balance
g. Customer Categories
7- Employees
a. Employee Management
b. Employee Balance Management
8- Accounts
a. Capital Management
b. Company Expenses
c. Company Assets
d. Bank Management
e. Bank Transactions
f. Bank Balance
g. Company’s Cash Balance
h. Amount Transfer from Dealers, Providers, Customers and Sub Branches.
i. Amount Trans Also has a Status to gather the Profit from Sub Branches that will not affect Balance of Sub Branch but will be added into the Company’s Current Capital Amount.
9- System Security over LAN (Local Area Network)
a. Multiple User Access
b. User Rights Management
c. History of User Activities (Log Report)
Detailed Features
Suppliers (Parent Companies):
RCHI purchases products from the Suppliers (parent companies) e.g., Widex. RMS will provide multiple Parent Company support.
Only Purchase from a Parent Company is supported in RMS e.g. (RCHI will not be able to sale any thing to their Suppliers)
Each Supplier’s Purchase Invoice will be saved in the RMS.
1- Products Purchased from specific Parent Company
2- Invoice of purchase
3- Reports about Purchase between dates, this week, this month, etc.
Products and Services:
RCHI deals in the following Main categories of Items.
1- Equipments
2- Accessories
3- Repairing Services
These will be Sub Categorized according to the Brand of Product.
Complete History of All these Products and Services will be saved in the RMS.
Each Product’s Profit and loss reports can be obtained for any Specified Period.
Each Service’s Profit and loss reports can be obtained for any Specified Period.
Service’s Profit and Loss will be Calculated According to the Service Cost field given in Service Details Form.
Note: Product’s Profit and Loss will be Calculated According to the Purchase Price field given in Product Details Form. Software would not Consider Product’s Purchase Price from its Purchase Invoice for Profit and Loss Report.
RCHI Purchase Products and Equipment Directly from Suppliers (Suppliers are Discussed Below). Software can only Purchase an Item from the Suppliers list, entered in the software.
Each Purchase will:
Increase the Number of Items to the Amount Purchased, in Stock.
Increase Supplier’s Balance if Payment is not given at the time of Purchase.
Place an Amount Transfer Transaction when payment to supplier is specified.
Include both Accessories and Equipments from one Provider.
Purchase History:
Purchase History will be kept to obtain all kind of reports
RCHI Sales its Products and Equipments and Provides Services to Dealers, Sub Branches and Customers, all of Dealers, Sub Branches and Customers can have a separate account or multiple accounts of same Category can be managed in one account. Each Sale will:
Decrease the Number of Items to the Amount sold, in Stock.
Decrease the Balance of Sub Branch, Customer or Dealer, if the Recovery is not given at the time of Sale.
Place an Amount Transfer Transaction when Recovery is specified.
Item’s Sale invoice Price will be used with the Purchase Price Specified with item to make Profit and loss report.
RMS can handle multiple Employees.
Each employee will have specified Salary along with the set of Properties like Name, telephone No, Address, Date of Birth, Starting Date, and Ending Date.
Employees of the same name can exist in the RCHI, so each employee will be assigned a Unique ID number.
RMS will generate the Salary for all the employees at a Specified Date in a month.
Employee’s salary will be calculated as (Salary / Days of the Month) if generated in between the month and if RCHI’s Liabilities report is generated.
Each Employee may take Advance (Loan) from RCHI. This loan can be paid any time and in any amount of Installments.
An employee who has taken loan from RCHI will be considered as a debtor.
Note: Above mentioned constraints only apply to the employee with Active Status. If an employee leaves the job, then his/her status can be set to Deactivated.
Capital Management:
No need to worry for the next financial year’s Data and Previous Closed Financial Years, RMS will do all the management for that. RMS will keep the Versions of all of your Financial Year Transactions, so that whenever u need to view Previous Financial Year’s Data, you can switch to that years Capital and make any adjustments in it.
Routine Expenses of RCHI can be Permanently Saved as Expense Head, like Some Regular Taxes, freight for goods, Office Stationary and Office Maintenance etc.
Reports for Each Expense head or all the Expenses together can be obtained from RMS.
RMS will keep the record of all the Fixed Assets of RCHI.
Each asset would be saved along with a Depreciation Rate,
Depreciation of an Asset will be calculated on each Financial Year End, as specified by RCHI Administrator.
Bank Management:
RCHI keeps record of all the transactions with its Banks.
Each bank can be saved individually along with its national address.
Balance at each bank increases or decreases as the affect of Deposit or Withdraw.
Company’s Cash Balance (Daily Book Maintenance):
RCHI’s Cash balance will be maintained with the Daily book entries.
Cash will be affected by:
Amount transfer with Providers
Amount transfer with Sub Branches
Amount transfer with Customers
Amount transfer with Dealers
Amount transfer with Employee
Bank Transaction
Buying or selling of an asset
Expense entry
Each of the above mentioned tasks will add a record in the Daily book.
Amount Trans Also has a Status to gather the Profit from Sub Branches that will not affect Balance of Sub Branch but will be added into the Company’s Current Capital Amount (Daily Book Cash).
System Security over LAN (Local Area Network):
Multiple User Access
Only the authorized users are allowed to Use the RMS
Any employee can be the User of the RMS, if assigned by the Administrator
Administrator can set the Passwords for Any User and can make more Users if needed.
Every User has a specific set of rights that are assigned by the Administrator
Administrator can assign any rights to any user as needed.
History of User Activities (Log Report) will be kept for optimal security of the System.
Any wrong entry from a user, even administrator on the specific computer system with time and date are kept in the log report.
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