Is Navicosoft compatible with my needs? Do you support ...?

Does Navicosoft support what I need?

3rd Party cPanel Skins No
Ad Server No
Adspy Sites No
Ajax Yes Yes
Alias files , aliases Yes Yes
Apache Flex No
aspell Yes Yes
Autolearn , autossh
No Yes
C, C++, GCC, (C Compiler) No Yes
Cake CakePHP Yes Yes
Clam AV No
Clip Share / File Sharing No
Cold Fusion No Yes
Colo, (colocation) Services No
Compressed Files (.rar , .zip) Yes Yes
cPanel Pro No
CRE Loaded Sites Yes Yes
CRE Loader
(Not Included, but you can install it)
Yes Yes
Crypt SSLeay Yes TIX Yes TIX
DBI Module Yes Yes
disabling PHP open_base dir Yes Yes
dJango No
dl() function No Yes
Dolphin File Manager
(Must provide installation and License)
Yes Yes
Dolphin, Ray, & Orca ( Yes Yes
DotNet, dot net, .net WIN WIN
DotNetNuke No No
e107 Yes Yes
eAccelerator No Yes
eGroupWare Yes Yes
elgg No Yes
Email Piping Yes Yes
ExpressionEngine No Yes
fastCGI Yes Yes
FFmpeg - No Yes
Flash FLV
(Browsers must have MacroMedia Flash Player Installed)
Yes Yes
Flash Media Server FMS No Yes
Flash remoting using AMFPHP Yes Yes
Flv2tool - No Yes
fopen Yes Yes
fsockopen Yes Yes
Game Server (gaming) No Yes
GCD (Google Cash Detective) No
GD2 Libr.ary Yes Yes
GhostScript No Yes
GnuPG Yes Yes
Google Apps & Email Yes TIX Yes TIX
GZip No Yes
HTTP Digest Authentication No Yes
If-Modified-Since HTTP header Yes Yes
ihtml No Yes
ImageMagick Yes Yes
MyISAM Yes Yes
ionCube Loader 4.4 Yes Yes
Java , .jsp , tomcat
No Yes
javascript , JSON Yes Yes
Kayako Yes Yes
LAME MP3 Encoder - No Yes
LDAP, openldap
No No
lib_curl Yes Yes
Libogg + Libvorbis - No Yes
Linux Hosting with Oracle XE No
Load Balancing No Yes TIX
(Versions 1.1.8 and lower will work without MyISAM. Click here for the download links)
Yes Yes
Mail - Exim Yes Yes
Mail - any other MTA (postfix) No Yes
Mem-Cache No Yes
Microsoft Access WIN WIN
Microsoft Exchange (Requires AD) No
Midnight Commander (MC) No
MING PHP Module No Yes
mod_layout , mod_spelling
No Yes TIX
mod_mime Yes Yes
mod_sql_auth, mod_perl, mod_python, mod_gzip,
mod_deflate, mod_ruby
No Yes
mod_security, mod_sec Yes TIX Yes TIX
Mplayer + Memcoder - No Yes
MySQLi Yes Yes
MySQL Clustering No Yes
nginx No No
NNTP / Usenet No Yes
nulled scripts No No
Online Chat Program Yes Yes
openSSL 0.9.8g Yes Yes
paFileDB Yes Yes
PCI Compliance Yes TIX Yes TIX
PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Yes Yes
PDFlib Yes Yes
PDO or pdo_mysql Yes TIX Yes TIX
Pear MDB2 Yes TIX Yes TIX
PennyWize No No
Perl , Python , cgi Yes Yes
php APC No Yes
php iconv Yes Yes
PHP modules - XML/XSL bcmath calendar ctype domxml exif ftp gettext imap mbstring mcrypt mhash phphttp Yes Yes
PHP shell_exec Yes Yes
PHPArcadeScript , phpas
Yes Yes
phpmotion, php motion No Yes
PHP Multibyte String Yes Yes
Pinemail / Pine Mail No Yes
podcast Yes Yes
Postgres MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Informix, Oracle, Sybase Solid, Generic ODBC
No Yes TIX
postini Yes Yes
Proxy Server, Socket Server, SOCKS 4, 4a, &5 No No
Push Email No No
Rapid Leech No No
Red5 No Yes
RoR / Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Round Robin DNS No Yes TIX
RSS Feeds Yes Yes
rsync Yes Yes
server clock adjustments (other than Central Standard Time) , Day Light Saving dst No Yes TIX
Server Redundancy No No
session_gc, probability, divisor, maxlifetime No Yes
shared SSL Yes No
sharepoint , share point server (requires license) No WIN
shtml , ssi , server side includes Yes Yes
ShoutCast No Yes
SimpleXML Yes Yes
SMF Forum Boards Yes Yes
SMS Gateway No Yes
SOAP php Yes Yes
SQLite Yes Yes
SSH Tunnel No No
streaming Flash No Yes
Subversion SVN Client Yes Yes
SVN / CVS Repository No Yes
Tom Cat No
tmpfs (configuration requires bill for admin time) Yes TIX Yes TIX
Urchin Stats (please include your root pw in the ticket)
No Yes TIX
vBulletin Yes
Vidscript No Yes
Visual Studio No WIN
Voice Servers (TeamSpeak / Ventrillo) No Yes
VPS / VPN No Yes
vTiger CRM , sugar CRM
(Must provide Installation and License)
Yes Yes
WAP Yes Yes
Webdav Yes Yes
Webdisk Yes Yes
Wiki Yes Yes
wildcard SSL No Yes
Woopra Yes Yes
xdebug No Yes
XCache No
XML , xml-rpc
Yes Yes
Xoops Yes Yes
XSitePro - Yes Yes
xslt Yes Yes
XSSI (extended server side includes) No No
Zend Core No Yes TIX
Zend Framework Yes Yes
Zend Optimizer 3.2.x Yes Yes
zip_open Yes TIX Yes TIX
zlib compression Library Yes Yes
Zope / Plone No No

WIN = Only works with a Microsoft Windows server.

TIX = Support Ticket Needed, please email

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