How To Setup Email In Outlook

How To Setup Email Settings In Outlook Manually

Setting up your email in outlook requires a few simple steps. You just need to follow the following steps carefully.  Before starting away with these steps, you must have an email address, its password, incoming mail server name, and outgoing mail server name provided by your ISP(Internet Service Provider)

To configure the email account, Click on the file tab in the upper left corner.

 Now click on Add Account.

Now select Manual setup or additional server types.

Click on Next.


Select POP or IMAP and Click Next.

In the Add Account Box, enter the following details.


Enter your name and email address.

Select Account type from the drop-down- Select IMAP.

Set the Incoming mail server as "".

Set the outgoing mail server as "".

Enter the email login information.

Now click on More Settings.

Go to the Outgoing Server Tab and check on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

Go to the Advanced tab.

You need to enter the following details:

Set incoming server(IMAP).

Select SSL in "Use the following type of encrypted connection".

Set outgoing Server (SMTP).

Select TLS in "Use the following type of encrypted connection".

Click OK after adding the details.

Now click Next in the Add Account window to test and save your settings.


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