IFrame Virus

Assalam Alykum!

Please change the passwords and notify the users to scan their computers for malware.


* What are malicious iframes and what causes them?

Over the years hackers found it hard to trick people into visiting suspicious sites so they're now targeting legit sites and using them to infect unknowing customers. In most cases an FTP account's password is obtained through key logging malware, then legit website files are modified to distribute the malware and gather more passwords.

* What to do if you find malicious iframes on your site

1. Use the following online vulnerability scanner and ensure your Home PC software is up-to-date: http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/online/?task=load
2. Download antivirus and fully scan your Home PC for malcious files. Here are some free online scanners:
3. Update all passwords that may have been obtained. Do not use old passwords, generate new ones.
4. Upload older versions of the files or contact support for assistance removing the malicious iframes.

* Prevention

- Ensure you use the latest browser version on your Home PC
- Disable javascript
- Use the firefox addon noscript
- Download and install some free antivirus software, make sure it stays updated
- Use http://www.avg.com.au/index.cfm?section=avg&action=onlinescan to test suspicious links you are given in emails or find online.


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