Reseller Startup Guide

The very first step is to change your domains dns to the name servers you received in your welcome email. If you wish to use private name servers you must read Private Name Server Setup.

Note: If you purchased your domain from us we will handle the dns changes including your private name servers setup.

After your dns changes have been made please allow 24-48 for your dns to propagate worldwide. During this initial 24-48 hours your site will be working one minute then be offline the next. If after two days your site is still not working contact us ASAP.

  1. Login at http://the-ip-listedin-your-welcome-email/whm
  2. You must setup a hosting package by selecting "Add Packages." We recommend you pick the skin "x" for your packages.
  3. After a package has been setup click "create a new account" and fill in the information you wish the account to have. When creating a site select the auto assign IP and fill in the site name as without the http or www.

Your main domain comes pre-setup with almost 0 space and bandwidth. After you create your hosting packages you MUST upgrade your site to one of your newly created packages.

Never delete your main site with us. If you delete your main site your reseller account will no longer work.

1 gig of space or bandwidth is equal to 1024 mb's. If you set a domain to under 1024mb's of bandwidth their site will not stay activated long before running out of bandwidth. Be generous with both space and bandwidth when creating an account. At the very least we recommend giving each site 1000mb bandwidth, and 50mb disk space.

*NOTE: By default your main account and any accounts you create will have no email address setup. The main username may look like it's a setup email, but if you wish to use it you will need to add it as an email account.

Uploading to your site

You can begin uploading to your account now by using a ftp client or cPanel's File Manager. If you are using an ftp put in your sites ip address under the "host address" field. Once your ftp is connected go into the "public_html" folder and begin uploading to your site. To replace the default place holder page you must upload an index.html in all lowercase lettering.

Control Panel And Important Links

Note: "" should be your sites IP address until your dns has propagated.

  • Your reseller control panel is located at
  • Your control panel is located at
  • Your webmail is located at
  • You can view your site before the dns has prorogated at http://iphere/~usernamehere/
    Note: Don't forget the trailing / and the ~
  • Everywhere it says youriphere put YOUR IP FROM WELCOME EMAIL. Example http://99.99.999.9/cpanel This is an example do not actually put 99.99.999.9 since this is not the ip in your email.
  • RESELLERS: Never give access to a demo account! Almost Every demo account we find on our servers are filled with hacking files that result in server down time.
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